2013 E-One International Durastar
Rescue 326
2006 Chevrolet Tahoe
This unit is used for EMS first response, traffic control and as needed for mobile command duties. It carries full BLS EMS response supplies and equipment including an AED and suction unit. For traffic control a roof mounted traffic arrow stick as well as flags, signs and cones are included. For the command role portable radio charging station, consile mounted radios in three bands including aircraft and a mobile computer with wireless access are provided.
Rescue 325
2005 E-One Ford F-550
325 is equipped with an underhood, engine driven 5k generator, scene lighting and a whole host of MVA/Rescue equipment including but not limted to cribbing, struts, Halmatro cutter, spreader and rams, hand tools, air tools and cutting torches. The unit responds on all MVA's as well as EMS calls in it's first due area and carries BLS equipment, patient immobilazation as well as a stokes basket. Salvage tarps, a winch, various saws, pumps and hand tools for most any job round out this piece. This small truck carries a big punch.
Engine 323
2003 E-One Typhoon
1500 gpm Hale pump, 1000 gallon water, 30 gallon Class A foam. This Rescue Pumper carries typical structural engine tool compliment and basic Hazmat containment materials as well as BLS EMS equipment. Special tools include a thermal imaging camera, four gas meter and a Halmatro hydraulic combi rescue tool. 323 carries 4 - 150' 1 3/4" crosslay preconnets, a 100' 1 3/4" trash line in the front bumper a 150' 2 1/2" preconnect as well as 400' of 2 1/2" and 2,000' of 4" LDH off the rear.
Engine 324
2001 E-One Cyclone II
1500 gpm Hale pump with Williams ATP Foam Systems for both class A and B foams. The truck is equipped with a 1500 gallon water tank, 10 gallon Class A foam tanks and a 30 gallon Class B foam tnak. This pumper carries typical structural engine tool compliment as well as BLS EMS equipment. Although not a large tanker the truck is outfitted with a 10" quick dump and serves in a tanker role from time to time.
Brush 327
1958 M38A1 Civil Defense Jeep
This unit serves as our brush truck. It recieved some modifications during the winter of 2009 which included removal of the roof and old lights. A roll bar and new warning ligts have been added. A new aluminum 100 gallon water tank and a 60 gpm honda powered fire pump have been fitted to the truck. The truck has two hose reels with 50' each 3/4" heavy duty rubber hose as well as a discharge for forresty hose. A pro-pak and 5 soft sided indian packs are carried atop the water tank. A chainsaw and handtools are carried on the front bumper.

When originally aquired in 2008 from the Beekmantown Fire Department the jeep carried 80 gallons of water and a booster reel supplied by a 30 gpm pump belt driven off the prime mover engine. The rig also had a solid sheet metal roof.

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